Infrared heaters

Infrared heaters

Halogen heating lamp

Heaters filled with halogen gases can produce up to 2600°C. these heaters radiate waves with 1 micron length and they can switch very fast between on and off state.

Quarts heater

glass heaters, transfer heat energy through radiating absorbable wave lengths to heat receiver materials. Inside of these glass heaters are filled with halogen gases and they can produce up to 700°C. application of these heaters is in PVC pipes bending, pre-heating of PET preform, plastic and rubber heating and so on.

Ceramic heater

Like other infrared heating equipment, ceramic heaters also transfer heat through radiation of infrared waves. These heaters act like the Sun and radiate absorbable wave lengths to materials. In production of infrared ceramic heaters, heating cables are coated with special ceramic and the heater itself has diffrent coatings too.

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