Distribution of heaters and heaters’ accessories, thermocouple, thermostat and other industrial tools and requirments.

reasonable price

Customer’s satisfaction have always been a priority for us and we tend to satisfy our customers with high quality products and reasonable price.


Based on years of experience and continues presence in industry, we try our best to keep producing top quality products.


KTET with more than four decades of experience, not only produces high-end quality industrial products, is also representative for renowned industrial companies; so KTET acts as a bridge between our countries’ industries and top international companies. KTET has always tried to create new opportunities for domestic producers and to open up new horizons for them.



KTET has been established in 1981 by Mr. Mahmoud Nassiri and based its activities on 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of electric heating elements. KTET as an international company provides different products in three fields:

  • Design and manufacturing of electrical heating equipment for industrial processes and environments as well as energy production systems.
  • Manufacturing of heating elements for industrial companies
  • Distributors and sales representatives for: Infrared heaters (Long, Medium and Short Wave), Thermocouples and Controllers, Heating cables, Tapes and Cords

The production facilities are located at 60 km from Tehran, in an area near Damavand mounting and Headquarter and Central Shop are located in Tehran. Our continuing focus is towards customer satisfaction, especially with regard to order response and technical expertise. We Believe that

Beyond Every Quality is Years of Experience



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